LA Labor Engages in Global Solidarity Act with Mexican Autoworkers


This month, the Executive Board and Delegates of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, voted to donate funds to help establish a strike fund for our Mexican auto worker siblings with Sindicato Independiente de Trabajadores de Audi (SITAudi), who recently ended a 23-day strike against Audi Mexico. 

As highlighted in a previous issue, workers at Audi Mexico, earning $13/hr less than their counterparts in the United States, organized and formed their independent union to demand increased wages and better working conditions.

“Producimos vehículos premium; merecemos salarios premium. We produce premium vehicles; we deserve premium wages.” SITAudi members remained steadfast and held the line for 23 days, concluding their strike after securing a historic 10.2% wage increase. 

The LA Labor movement stands in solidarity with Mexican workers organizing for economic justice by donating to help establish their strike fund. This donation will provide resources to the 4,100 SITAudi members and their families, who endured great financial sacrifices as they stood up to corporate giant Audi Mexico and further their fight for economic justice. 

As our movement works to abolish poverty and homelessness across LA County, we recognize that our charge includes building one unified North American labor movement. Corporate greed knows no borders, and the LA Labor movement is committed to strengthening cross-border solidarity.

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