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Our Values

Our Values Guide Us

Every strategic decision we make and action we take toward a better future for union members and working people is guided by our values. These tenets are what keep us going in the struggle and unite our diverse movement as a force in Los Angeles.


We strive to be at the forefront of fighting systemic inequality - shaping our society and its structures to be not just equal, but equitable for all - by holding those in power and those representing us accountable.

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Our power and strength come from the unified voice of the 800,000 hard-working union members of Los Angeles - that voice is the foundation of our organization. No matter our work or background, we are bonded together in our fight for better wages, safer working conditions, and better lives for all working families.

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We believe in empowering the people at the very heart of the fight - workers. Workers, through their own experiences and struggles, are the best fit to advocate for themselves and the people beside them in their shared struggle.

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Workers don’t live at work, they live in their communities. A community in need means workers in need. We affirm our interconnectedness by building a holistic movement inspired and committed to breaking down oppressive structures and assisting the vulnerable.

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Dignity & Respect

From the workplace to society at large, every fight involves demanding respect for individuals in the struggle and the acknowledgment of their dignity. They also involve ensuring the people in power and those we have chosen to represent us recognize the voice of the movement as a whole and respect the collective power of workers.

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