The LA Fed

About Us

We Represent & Believe In the Future of LA

We are a federation of over 300 affiliated union and labor organizations representing more than 800,000 members, each with their own unique story and background. We stand united in our mission to build a movement for justice committed to protecting the rights of working people and improving the lives of our families and communities.

What We Do

Since 1885, the LA Fed has been a force for progress.

We empower workers to organize and take collective action to win better wages and respect in the workplace. We fight for all working families and marginalized communities. We support policies and campaigns that will transform Los Angeles and create lasting change beyond. We are the working people of Los Angeles and we are a movement for justice.


More than 100 years of experience show us that unions and the right to bargain collectively are the best way to create good, safe jobs. We help organize workers and protect existing union locals so they can make better lives for themselves and their families.


We support progressive leaders and policies that will ensure the protection of our rights and the betterment of our lives.


We push for transformational change by supporting progressive initiatives to improve the lives of working people and benefit the communities where we live.


Our present struggles are urgent, but we must also plan for the future. We’re looking decades ahead to prepare for an ever-changing world, where issues like the gig economy, automation, and machine learning may threaten shared prosperity.

The LA Fed

Our People

LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Yvonne Wheeler
Yvonne Wheeler
Karla Vasquez
Executive Assistant
Justin Wesson
Chief of Staff


Santos Leon
Rosie Cruz
Office Manager
Denise Gonzales
Administrative Assistant
Bob D’Ausilio
Logistics Coordinator
Italo Azenon
Building Maintenance


Steve Neal
Director of Outreach and Engagement
Claudia Magana
Organizing Director
Jocelyn Gomez


Devin Osiri
Political Director
Hugo Romero
Deputy Political Director
Rob Nothoff
Policy Director
Kristal Romero
Director of Future of Work Program


Devin Ablard
Communications Director
Stephanie Saporito
Press Contact
Tatiana Ramirez
Communications Associate

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LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
2130 W. James M. Wood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90006


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