The struggles we face as a movement extend far beyond the workplace, touching our lives on a day to day basis. Workers do not live at work, they live in their communities. A community in need means workers in need.

We affirm our interconnectedness by building a holistic movement inspired and committed to breaking down oppressive structures and assisting the vulnerable. 

“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.

César Estrada Chávez
 labor leader, organizer, and civil rights activist

We build strong relationships with community groups within and outside of the labor movement, collaborating with similar-minded organizations with a mission to improve the lives of our most marginalized people. 

We respond to crises impacting our people through charitable giving and strategic campaigns to further the cause of fighting some of the most heinous social illnesses such as hunger, sickness, and income inequality.

Our vision and actions are led by the ultimate goal of empowering our most vulnerable and inspiring a new generation of activists to join our movement.

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