Our power and strength come from the unified voice of the 800,000 hard-working union members of Los Angeles – that voice is the foundation of our organization.

No matter our work or background, we are bonded together in our fight for better wages, safer working conditions, and better lives for all working families. Just as a house divided cannot stand, a movement united can weather any storm and endure.  

“An injury to one is an injury to all.”

David C. Coates
labor union leader and politician

We collaborate with unions and worker organizations to stop the exploitation of working families by improving wages and working conditions and raising industry standards so that every job is a good union job.

Through our collective bodies such as the House of Labor and Committee on Political Education (COPE), we combine the diversity of hundreds of thousands of workers into one unified voice and vision in organizing, politics, policy, and outreach.

We collectively develop strategy among unions and labor allies to stand up against some of the largest industries and egregious employers through forming powerful coalitions in myriad industries such as airline, service, entertainment, shipping, education, and healthcare. 

Your fight is our fight. We stand united with our movement, using our collective resources and lending our expertise to gain lasting victories.

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