#CouncilsNotCOVID Informational Campaign Launches


There is also a lot at stake for the people of LA County outside of Election 2020: our health and our lives. Today, we launched an informational campaign in public spaces to tell LA how Public Health Councils can prevent more deaths, as workplaces are gathering places and have been a huge source of COVID-19 outbreaks since reopening.

In a little over a week since we submit this ad to print, the number of those we’ve lost has sadly risen to over 6,300. We cannot let this continue. On Tuesday, October 13, the Board of Supervisors will vote to finalize allowing workers to assist the Department of Public Health in making sure health protocols are followed, without fear of retaliation.

We need everyone to let them know that both workers and business owners support this policyThank you to everyone that has taken action so far – in one month, you have sent over 500 letters of support to the Board of Supervisors. Let’s keep it up!

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Demand Our Leaders Support #CouncilsNotCOVID

Let them know the people of L.A. say even a single death from community spread due to a workplace outbreak is unacceptable.


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