West Hollywood City Council Reverses Course on Attempt to Roll-Back Worker Protections Amidst Poverty Crisis


Workers across the LA labor movement, community members, and advocates attended West Hollywood’s city council meeting to convince the council to abandon attempts to roll back various worker protections. 

West Hollywood boasts the highest minimum wage in the state and the third highest in the nation. In an attempt to appease the Chamber of Commerce and other business interests, which have been citing financial “difficulties,” the West Hollywood city council was considering rolling back paid time off and wage provisions.  

A move as such would be detrimental to workers in West Hollywood, who have been at the forefront of an ongoing pandemic and are struggling to remain housed and make ends meet. 

Workers and advocates were determined to share their stories and make their voices heard despite repeated delays to the public comment period, which resulted in the meeting extending late into the night. As a result, any further discussion on this receiving file was dismissed, a victory for all those who sounded the alarm about this matter. 

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