Volunteer Spotlight: Mimi Soto (SEIU Local 721)


We want to give a huge shoutout to Mimi Soto of SEIU Local 721 for her passion and dedication this election season.

“Political programs everywhere have had to adapt to a new way of campaigning safely during a pandemic, which has proven to be a lot more difficult in a virtual space. It took us some time to get Mimi’s dialer working, but once we figured it out, she was unstoppable. Mimi was patient with us and even devoted extra hours to make the most of her shift – volunteering for a total of 4 shifts last week! Very grateful to have her in our program.”

Michelle Bertinelli, LA Fed Volunteer Coordinator for L.A. Union Votes 2020

Not only that, Mimi is taking on shifts EVERY week until Election Day!

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GOTV with Mimi and the LA Fed

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