LA Labor Sends Critical Support and Aid to Texas Working Families


In the aftermath of the devastating winter storms in Texas, Labor Community Services sent a truck in support of working families affected by the Texas storms​ on Wednesday, February 23, with 800 cases of water and over 600 36 lb. boxes of food.

LCS traveled to Houston later that weekend, assisting Teamsters Local 988 and the NACC National Association of Christian Churches in their food drive to feed 1,000 families and distribute much-needed cases of water. Hundreds of thousands of Texas were still under a boil-water notice.​

“Houston families are struggling with broken water pipes because of freezing weather. Some families have been without water for more than 11 days.  Others have water damage and their drinking water smells like ammonia.  Drinking water is scarce in Houston and hard to find in stores.”

Sylvia Carranza, Deputy Director of LCS​

A second truck left this past Wednesday, March 3, with 1,000 cases of water, 368 boxes of food, and 600 cans of baby formula. 

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