Statement by LA Fed President on Attack on US Capitol

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    January 07, 2021
    For Immediate Release
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    Christian Castro, Communications Director


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Statement from Ron Herrera, President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO on the insurrection at the US Capitol:

“Yesterday, an attempted coup breached America’s most sacred building to undermine our most sacred institution, our electoral process.  This violent attack by a mob on our democracy put the safety of not only our representatives, but of working people such as janitors, maintenance workers, and staff members at risk.  

While we may be outraged and even shocked, we are certainly not surprised. Years of violent rhetoric and a massive misinformation campaign has created an environment of hate and distrust, culminating in yesterday’s disgraceful events at our nation’s capital. But these are only symptoms of issues of much larger systemic problems.

The chaos of our democracy started in our workplaces and in our communities, hurting working families and pitting working people against each other. Now this chaos has spread to our nation’s capital and our screens for the entire world to see. It is undeniable and impossible to ignore.   

We see today the broken windows and splintered doors left behind. But as always, who is left to pick up the pieces? Who shows up the next morning to clean the mess? It is our essential workers – our frontline heroes, the majority of which are workers of color – who come in and bring order and calmness after tragedy. These workers are what’s best in us and we should take note: all that is broken can be fixed with intention and determination.

This may be a dark moment in our history, but it is our next steps that will define us. Let us work together to heal the wounds of yesterday and pick up the shattered pieces of today. We must walk in solidarity towards healing so that we may persevere united as Americans; just as we have done so many times before. If the Labor Movement has shown us anything, it is that no matter your background or walk of life, we can build a more just society for all.”

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