Rex Richardson Wins Big in Long Beach


The LA Fed is proud to announce the union endorsed Long Beach Mayor-Elect, Rex Richardson as the first Black mayor in Long Beach. Together, we made history and we are just getting started. 

Long before running for mayor, Richardson organized alongside SEIU 721 and the surrounding community in the heart of South Los Angeles. Then he went on to work as Chief of Staff to Councilmember Steve Neal. In 2014, Rex won his City Council race with 73% of the vote and made history as Long Beach’s youngest member to ever serve. His work in the City of Long Beach left a positive impact on the community as his “Uptown Renaissance” campaign slowly transformed North Long Beach into a hub for community with the inception of the Michelle Obama Library, the Doris Topsy-Elvord Community Center, and the restoration of the wetlands at DeForest Park

Long Beach Mayor-Elect Rex Richardson has and always will be for the working people of Long Beach as he continues his work to ensure equity and accessibility for all people. 

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