Metro Bike Share Victory


Workers at LA Metro Bike Share, who are members of Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 320, successfully fought off a take-over by ride-share company Lyft. 

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Metro Board of Directors proposed awarding Lyft the contract to operate the county-wide bike share program. Upon learning of this possibility, the workers at LA Metro Bike Share, who unionized in 2022, sprung into action. 

Their concerns centered around Lyft’s ‘gig worker’ model, with worries that Lyft would undermine their union and hard-fought, industry-setting contract. 

Teaming up with community members and public transit advocates, these TWU members demonstrated why Lyft is not suitable to operate this contract and convinced the LA Metro Board of Directors to reverse course. 

This is a victory for the LA Metro Bike Share workers and all Angelenos. 

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