Lyn Landers, Sheet Metal Worker

Lyn Landers lives in Gardena with her four children, but she was born and raised in Los Angeles. High rents have pushed her out of the city and she still spends 60 percent of her income on rent. “It’s disheartening,” she says. “I always thought I’d raise my family in LA. I always assumed my children would go to the schools I went to.”

Lyn is a sheet metal worker and a member of SMART Local 105, an LA Fed affiliate. Her work takes her all over Southern California, from LA to Riverside. You’ve got to go where the jobs are, and the jobs are often reserved for younger, less experienced workers who earn less. There are other forms of discrimination to contend with. “There’s not too many women in the trade,” Lyn says. “Some jobs they think we can’t handle the work. ‘Oh well I’m not going to hire her, she can’t pick that up.’ Often they don’t give us a chance.”

Lyn supports Prop. JJJ, not just to bring rents down and create jobs, but because of what it says about us as a community. “We take care of our people,” she says. “We care about our people who live here, and we want to make their lives better.”

Lyn is a builder. She wants to help create more housing. But developers who seek zoning exemptions should give something back. “Considering they’re building here in our city, they should take into account the people who live here.” That means reserving jobs for workers who need them the most, like mothers and veterans. And it means building more affordable housing so our kids can grow up in the only home we’ve ever known.

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