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The voices of 800,000 workers define our goals, carry our movement forward, and, ultimately, enact real and lasting change. These are some of the workers who are fighting to make Los Angeles a better place.

Juan Hernandez, Carwash Worker

Bosses come and go. In his 10 years at the same car wash, Juan Hernandez has had five different employers. Some, like his current boss, are better than others. “He follows the law and wants to work by CLEAN Carwash’s standards,” Juan says.

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Lyn Landers, Sheet Metal Worker

Lyn Landers lives in Gardena with her four children, but she was born and raised in LA. High rents have pushed Lyn and her family out of the city she grew up in.

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Anabella Aguirre, Janitor

A janitor for the last 16 years, Anabella knows the unique danger of that industry well. “Janitors work at night,” she explains. “So they need more protection.”

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