We Got Arrested for Making History – Please Stand With Us Now


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Port drivers and warehouse workers face daily wage theft, retaliation, and exploitation on the job. The majority are Latino immigrants, many of whom got their work permits and chose to form a strong union while holding TPS visas. But with this White House’s recent cancellation of TPS, our sisters and brothers now face injustice at work, and the threat of deportation and family separation at home. That’s why the Teamsters, the National TPS Alliance, the members of the LA County Federation of Labor, and community partners from across the Southland came together to take part in an historic act of civil disobedience on October 3rd.

65 community leaders, immigrant rights advocates, and rank-and-file union members linked arms and occupied the intersection of Harry Bridges Blvd and Figueroa St, blocking access to the Port as well as the 110 Freeway on-ramp. While chanting “Immigrants’ rights are workers’ rights and workers rights’ are immigrants’ rights,” each was arrested in a show of solidarity.

While a federal judge issued a temporary injunction to halt the cancellation of the TPS program, we are a long way away from a victory: We still need to fight for a Congress and a White House that will take appropriate action to fix the broken immigration system. And we need to continue fighting to stop the labor abuses that sparked this three-day strike and the largest act of civil disobedience in Los Angeles in over 10 years.

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