Shatter the Silence


Forcing survivors to stay silent emboldens lawbreakers and violators. It makes it possible for workplace cultures of harassment, abuse, and exploitation to continue and harm workers. #MeToo and many movements like it have shown the world what women have known all along: in order to make workplaces safer and just for us all, our voices need to be heard.

Momentum is building for this historic legislation! Take action and urge legislators to vote YES on AB 3080 today!

In California, we’ve fought hard for every law on the books that protects working people. It’s wrong that workers are forced to sign away their right to seek justice if their boss violates those laws. No one should have to give up her rights to earn a livelihood.

Take Action: Urge the California Legislature to pass groundbreaking AB 3080! This historic legislation will #ShatterTheSilence and end the rigged system of forced arbitration.