Plenty of Heartache on Valentine’s Day Courtesy of ICE


***On Behalf of the Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network*** 

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Contact: Gabriella Landeros, 323-406-3270,
Jorge-Mario Cabrera, (562)


Reports of arrests by ICE officers throughout Southern California this week a reminder ICE is a rogue agency using questionable tactics. 

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network, a collaborative effort to protect, defend, and serve immigrant communities, condemns the apparent increase in immigration enforcement operations by ICE currently taking place in Los Angeles and other Southern California cities.

On a day when love permeates the air, ICE has made it their business to expand its reign of terror across the land targeting immigrant communities.

ICE continues to function as a rogue organization, motivated by hate and retaliation. Not only has ICE thrown discretion out the window but it has also been engaging in unconstitutional tactics by lying, intimidating and threatening community members while carrying out the arrests. This conduct will not stand.

The L.A. Raids Rapid Response Network reminds Angelenos that regardless of their documented status, they have rights, including the right to remain silent, not to incriminate themselves, and not to permit ICE to enter their homes without a judicial warrant. Families should reach out and ask for legal advice from an immigration attorney or trusted community organization immediately.

The L.A. Raids Rapid Response Network invites families and loved ones of those detained by ICE at home or work to reach out for support, including potential consultation with an immigration attorney, at the Network’s hotline, (888) 624-4752. A Know Your Rights document can also be found here:


The Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network is made up of immigrant, civil, labor, and human rights organizations, faith communities, law firms, and individuals.