ICE Targets 6th Largest Economy in the World While Fostering Insecurity


***On Behalf of the Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network***

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Contact: Gabriella Landeros, 323-406-3270,
Jorge-Mario Cabrera, (562) 243-5559,

ICE blatantly tries to bully California, arresting immigrants and workers and hurting local economies through senseless I-9 audits.

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network, a collaborative effort to protect, defend, and serve immigrant communities, announced it is deploying legal observers, organizers, and immigrant rights advocates this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to businesses in Los Angeles targeted by ICE recently. Network members will also visit detainees at the Adelanto Detention Center.

ICE announced late last week it had retaliated against immigrant communities and businesses which serve and hire immigrants in Los Angeles. Because California and Los Angeles are determined to create safe communities for all and not serve as an arm of the DHS, ICE blatantly and arrogantly let it be known the agency will treat our communities without regard to the rule of law.

The Raids Rapid Response Network is deeply concerned about the number of immigrant families targeted by the latest ICE operation and the impact the 122 notices of inspection will have on local businesses and their workers. Accordingly, our network of volunteers throughout Los Angeles will be carefully monitoring businesses targeted by ICE on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and offering workshops and referrals to those affected.

In its determination to teach Los Angeles a lesson, ICE endangers the safety of all communities and threatens to leave many families at risk of suffering more indignity if they are fired or leave their place of work, afraid they will be the target of ICE operations. ICE should immediately cease their fishing expedition which endangers the lives of all in Los Angeles.

The L.A. Raids Rapid Response Network invites families and loved ones of those detained by ICE at home or work to reach out for support, including potential consultation with an immigration attorney, at the Network’s hotline, (888) 624-4752. A Know Your Rights document can also be found here:


The Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network is made up of immigrant, civil, labor, and human rights organizations, faith communities, law firms, and individuals.