ICE Is a Rogue Agency Striking Fear in the Heart of Los Angeles


***On Behalf of the Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network***

Friday, June 15, 2018

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ICE roundups separate more families in questionable sweeps that often leave behind destroyed families and need for transparency of rogue agency.

Los Angeles, CA — The Los Angeles County Raids Rapid Response Network, a collaborative effort to protect, defend, and serve immigrant communities, denounced sweeps conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this week leading to arrest of more than 162 immigrant men and women.

Through a press release in which the agency characterizes all those detained in the three-day roundup in the Los Angeles region as less than human beings, ICE reveals what this campaign is all about: attack local and state laws that offer safety to all residents, regardless of their immigration status.

The Raids Rapid Response Network rejects the notion that our cities are any more dangerous because of undocumented immigrants. ICE continues to perpetuate a stereotype and, in the process, it politicizes its mission. The end result is a less credible agency and more suffering for entire families, even those of mixed immigration status. The separation of families this Administration favors is taking place at the border, at detention centers, and in cities all across the United States.

A very troubling example is the arrest last week of Jose Luis Garcia, a lawful permanent resident in Arleta whom ICE claims was a danger to the community because of a domestic dispute issue 18 years earlier. By all accounts, Mr. Garcia –who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 50 years– was a community and family man and far from being a danger to anyone, he was the main provider of a family now torn apart.

ICE is showing its true colors every time it conducts these senseless sweeps. The Los Angeles County Raids Rapid Response Network, in solidarity and coordination with other networks state wide, strongly call for an investigation of the vindictive and highly politicized actions of ICE under the Trump Administration.

The L.A. Raids Rapid Response Network invites families and loved ones of those detained by ICE at home or work to reach out for support, including potential consultation with an immigration attorney, at the Network’s hotline, (888) 624-4752. A Know Your Rights document can also be found here:


The Los Angeles Raids Rapid Response Network is made up of immigrant, civil, labor, and human rights organizations, faith communities, law firms, and individuals.