Stop Corporations from Rigging the System this November – NO on Prop 22

Greedy tech giants such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart are once again undermining working families. Last year, California passed a law preventing companies from misclassifying their workers as independent contractors and forcing them to provide basic protections such as paid sick leave. Since then, they have done everything in their power to avoid reclassifying their employees.

Now, they have stockpiled $110 million to fund a November Ballot to rig the rules in their favor. The Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act will do exactly the opposite of what it claims to do. Instead of protecting drivers, it will allow gig companies to make billions while abandoning their responsibility to provide basic worker protections such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, and personal protective equipment for drivers to protect them and their families.

Let’s tell these corporations that no one is above the law and they cannot undermine working families by rigging the rules for themselves.

Add your name and take the pledge to defeat this deceptive ballot measure this November!