Welcome to Uniontown: Episode 07 – Dr. Melina Abdullah


Professor and proud California Faculty Association union member, Dr. Melina Abdullah joins us on this episode of Welcome to Uniontown. From recounting her roots in labor that sparked her childhood love of unions to discussing sacrifices endured by grassroots organizers, we learn what has inspired and shaped her field of study as an academic scholar, her teachings as an educator, and her activism as a Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter – Los Angeles.

A podcast from the Los Angeles County of Labor, AFL-CIO
Produced by Hugo Romero, Christian Castro, and Scarlett Ying
Sound Editing: Jared Batty (of IATSE Local 33)
Music: The Nightwatchman – Union Town. Special thanks to Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine and proud AFM Local 47 union member) for providing us with the music from his solo project.
Art: Otha Davis III aka Vakseen

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