A Bright Future for Los Angeles Requires Organizing More Black Public Sector Union Workers


“An Ongoing Demand for Los Angeles: A Bright Future Requires Organizing More Black Public Sector Union Workers” (LINK) shows that unionized public sector jobs have formed the bedrock of Black community health and wealth, and that Black workers and their communities stand to lose enormously from threats to those unions.

The report is the result of a collaboration between the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Advancement Project California and the Los Angeles Black Workers Center, as well as six member unions of the LA Fed whose members agreed to be surveyed. Those unions are: AFSCME 741, AFSCME 2325, AFSCME 3090, AFSCME 3947, SEIU 721, and SEIU 1000.

Read the open letter to Los Angeles City and County elected officials seeking a partnership to protect access to unionized public sector jobs amid right-wing attacks.

“Generations of public service through unionized jobs have allowed families to buy homes and have kept communities together through hard times. By attacking that source of community stability, Janus was a straightforward attack on black life.”Lola Smallwood-Cuevas

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