Labor Community Services

The mission at Labor Community Services is to provide a safety net for the labor movement, whether it be through the food program, disaster relief fund, or financial literacy.

For over six decades, LCS and the LA Fed have been assisting unemployed and underemployed union families with groceries during the year via pantries, National Association of Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive, and holiday meals. We are committed to improving lives and providing resources and referrals so that we can help union members get ahead.

There are families who work 40 hours a week and it is not enough to live on, because they are often forced to decide between paying rent, purchasing food, or buying medicine for a sick child. We are proud to offer basic services to working women and men who need the most help.

If you are an employee of a union and know members who need assistance, please share this link.

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, help us to stamp out hunger! This volunteer-led food drive is the nation’s largest single-day event that spreads out across America to help provide assistance to Americans who are struggling with hunger. On this day, Angelenos will place bags of non-perishable food on their porches. Those bags will go from porch to post offices to a massive warehouse in Bell, CA. Hundreds of volunteers are needed at local post offices to load the donations onto trucks.

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