Applications will be accepted from March 19th, 2019 to April 6th, 2019

Applications should be submitted on-line at


Under the general direction of the Executive Director, the Assistant Executive Director position for the Engineers and Architects Association (EAA) is a responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, staff and strategic plan of EAA, an employee union representing approximately 5,200 professional employees of the City of Los Angeles.


Other key duties include liaison with government officials, their staff, contract negotiations, marketing, political outreach and community outreach.  The Assistant Executive Director reports to and is supervised by the Board of Governors.  The Assistant Executive Director is a position that requires the trust and confidence of EAA’s elected officers and the membership. The Assistant Executive Director’s duties shall be performed with an understanding and appreciation of EAA’s core mission as an employee representation organization for public service professionals of the City of Los Angeles and of its democratic structure of governance and accountability.


The Assistant Executive Director must have proven experience as an Assistant Executive Director or other managerial position and demonstrate the following qualities and attributes:  experience in strategic planning and implementation, leadership, team building, relationship building, crisis management, vision, goal setting, an analytical mind capable of problem solving and thinking out-of-the-box, motivation, strong communication and public speaking skills, an understanding of corporate finance and measures of performance, corporate governance principles and managerial best practices.


Applicants should have experience and a working knowledge of Los Angeles City and California State government political environment and labor relations.


  1. JOB DESCRIPTION. The Assistant Executive Director shall perform the following duties:


  • Build an organizational structure for purposes of institutional self-defense, member communications and related goals
  • Ensure an adequate complement of trained representatives and other staff internal to EAA’s structure (with the number of representatives and staff determined by the Board of Governors)
  • Prepare a proposed annual budget for submission to the Board of Governors
  • Manage EAA’s day-to-day operations and programs
  • Report directly to the Executive Committee and Board of Governors
    • Provide consultation and assistance to elected leaders and members
    • Attend all meetings of the Board of Governors, as appropriate
    • Attend all meetings for field staff, including Stewards, as needed
    • Serve as a leading member of the negotiating team, as appropriate
    • Manage contract administration and grievance adjudication
    • Analyze and evaluate the annual City of Los Angeles Budget to support the negotiating team and to monitor City employment levels
    • Develop membership and leadership capacities
    • Manage internal and external communications
    • Manage political advocacy and governmental relations
    • Oversee the running of the EAA office, and manage employee matters within parameters established by the Board of Governors
    • Delegate authority to staff to perform duties that the Assistant Executive Director cannot perform, after consultation with EAA’s Executive Committee.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by EAA’s Board of Governors that are consistent with the Assistant Executive Director’s management


These duties and the degree of their achievement are intended to serve as performance measures which shall be given primary consideration by the EAA Board of Governors when deciding to renew or extend the contract of the Assistant Executive Director.  The principal function of the performance review is to improve the quality of representational activities over which the Assistant Executive Director has responsibility.  The process should promote professionalism, enhance performance, and be effective in yielding a useful and substantive assessment of performance.




  • Maintains continuity in different areas of job
  • Communicates clearly, correctly and effectively, both orally and in
  • Follows legal guidelines in assuring that EAA adheres to its duty of fair
  • Sensitivity to the diversity of the
  • Makes oneself available to the membership.
  • Participates in applicable representational
  • Participates in professional growth and development
  • Works cooperatively and effectively with
  • Meets obligations on
  • Fosters an office environment, which is free from harassment, prejudice or
  • Provides effective supervision of other office staff.




Applicants should have a bachelor’s level degree, and at least 5-years supervisory experience, or at least 5-years experience in business administration or relevant related fields, including budget experience.  A Juris Doctorate (J.D.,) degree is highly desirable.





Commensurate with experience up to limits defined by MOU- represented job classifications.