Good Jobs

Hard work should do more than let you survive.

Too many people who work 40 hours a week live on food stamps, and too many employers cut hours just to avoid health benefits. We have enough poverty jobs in Los Angeles. We need jobs that pay well and support healthy families and communities.

We help create and pass good jobs policy

We won a $15 minimum wage, paid sick days, and wage enforcement. Workers got a raise and businesses that play by the rules no longer have to compete with businesses that cheat. The Economic Roundtable estimates that the $15 minimum wage policy we passed will generate a $5.9 billion stimulus for LA’s economy. Not bad.

We won Prop. JJJ, which calls on developers who want zoning changes to give something back by hiring local workers and building more affordable housing. Prop. JJJ addresses LA’s affordable housing crisis and create good local jobs for the workers who need them the most, including veterans.

We work with businesses to create better jobs

We work with employers large and small to guarantee higher wages and better benefits. We negotiated with every NFL team that wanted to come to LA—three of them—to ensure that every job they created, whether building a stadium or staffing it for years to come, would be a good union job.

We build the workforce with training, re-entry programs, and organizing

We are partnering with nonprofits and the Building and Construction Trades to help place 600 veterans a year in good union jobs, and our Reentry Workforce Collaborative places the formerly incarcerated in union apprenticeships that lead to life-changing careers.

Of course no policy or training program is possible without the collective power of the workers we represent, which is why we fight for the right of everyone, documented or not, to organize and collectively bargain. History proves that the best way to raise wages and improve working conditions for every worker is the power of a union.