Labor Union Message Framing and Labor Arbitration

Date: Sat, 30 May 2020

Learn from labor union experts and help build a more powerful movement with these upcoming classes at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.

Framing the Message for Labor

March 19 & 23, 2019

Framing the Message for Labor examines the latest strategies to strengthen your union and build the Labor Movement. Taught by labor communications expert Caroline O’Connor (SAG-AFTRA), LS 122 is a hands-on, two day class covering everything from traditional PR to social media and digital networking.

Essential for union leaders, staff, stewards, organizers, activists, web masters and editors, LS 122 will showcase various high-profile Los Angeles labor and community campaigns.

You will also learn from election pros, union strategists, communications and PR experts how to build progressive, pro-union political majorities, locally, regionally and nationally.

Topics Include:

  • Generate publicity for your union’s campaigns
  • Communicate effectively with members
  • Reach out to supporters through social media
  • Shape the political discussion
  • Build a positive public image of labor unions

You can find more details and enrollment information here.

Labor Arbitration

March 2 & 3, 2019

The final step in the grievance process, arbitration requires thoughtful preparation and analysis as well as very careful attention to detail.

There’s a lot at stake for the union, its members, as well as for management.

This fast-paced, informative, practical, and enjoyable class reviews all the elements and dynamics of arbitrating a case.

Taught by attorney and veteran national arbitrator, Lou Zigman, LS 125 is essential for labor union officers, staff, stewards, activists and HR professionals.

Topics Include:

  • Arbitrator Qualifications and Selection
  • Case Preparation and Strategies
  • Evidence and Burden of Proof
  • Opening and Closing Statements
  • Credibility of Witnesses
  • When and How to Settle

You can find more details and enrollment information here.