Labor Studies classes at LATTC

Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2019

Labor Studies 118 (Class 26171)

1 Unit of college credit

Employee Benefit Plans

Protect your union’s health and pension plans

Medical and retirement laws in both the public and private sector are under attack. Union leaders and activists must develop a comprehensive strategy to defend these critically important benefits.

Taught by seasoned benefit plan advocates, this two-Saturday class will analyze different types of pensions and health care structures–public, corporate and multi-employer–and identify where the battle lines are drawn.

Topics include

• Organizing and bargaining tactics

• Medicare, social security, 401(k), 403(b)

• ACA, Covered California and single payer

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Labor Studies 126 (Class 26173)

1 Unit of College Credit

Issues in Labor Arbitration

Don’t be caught unprepared in critically important arbitration cases.

Get the real story from union and management legal experts on practical and effective ways to represent employees who’ve been disciplined or terminated.

Specially designed for union stewards, reps, officers and activists, this fast-paced, one-weekend class is taught by nationally-renowned arbitrator, Lou Zigman.

Topics include:

• Workplace privacy and social media

• Title VII discrimination

• Absenteeism

• Off-duty conduct

• Violence in the workplace

• Substance abuse

• Sexual Harassment

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