Congratulations to UFCW on a Historic Win!


Congratulations to our union family of UFCW Locals 1442, 1428, 324 and 770 on their historic contract win. Through direct action, grocery workers won their most significant wage and benefit increase in over 30 years. 

From day one, Los Angeles labor, and the community, stood side-by-side with the Grocery Workers of UFCW talking to their union members and walking countless picket lines across Southern California.

Integral to the recent success was the collaborative efforts of LA unions. Earlier this year, we held our Organizing Institute, training 43 union leaders, including UFCW members, many of whom participated in a 10-day organizing drive to strengthen the contract campaign of UFCW 770. 

During the UFCW 770 organizing drive, the Organizing Institute graduates:

  • Assessed over 80% of union members in 6 stores 
  • Had 550 conversations 
  • Collected almost 800 petition signatures 

The organizing drive accelerated the skills and leadership development of the LA Fed’s Organizing Institute graduates who were able to then return to their own unions and amplify the work of their organization and build union strength in Los Angeles. 

Thank you to every union member who helped make this win possible. When we stand together, we win together.