Unidos Con SAG-AFTRA


SAG-AFTRA is fighting for the rights of unionized employees at the Spanish Broadcasting System’s (SBS) two popular L.A. radio stations – La Raza (KLAX/KXOL – 97.9 FM) and MEGA (96.3 FM). La Raza and MEGA are the first Spanish-language stations to organize in Los Angeles after their on-air talent voted overwhelmingly to join SAG-AFTRA on August 1, 2016. Since the vote, SBS has violated federal law by refusing to bargain in good faith with SAG-AFTRA, and by retaliating against its on-air talent for unionizing by terminating eight employees who were openly supportive of SAG-AFTRA’s organizing effort and/or were owed monies in connection with SBS’ wage violations.

We demand that SBS engage in good faith bargaining with the union and immediately offer reinstatement to the eight employees who were terminated in violation of federal law.

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