Regal and AMC: Don’t Treat Women Like It’s the 1950s


Please take action in solidarity with the workers at a food supplier to Regal and AMC theaters.

Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters buy food from Vistar/PFG – a company that pays significantly lower wages for jobs primarily held by women than those held by their male counterparts performing similar work. This is a harsh reality for many working women who struggle to care for themselves and their families.

Tell Regal and AMC to put an end to Vistar/PFG’s poor treatment of its workers by taking action today.

Vistar/PFG classifies these women into its lowest-paying jobs, but often forces them to do higher-paid work – but without any resulting increase in pay.

It is time for Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters to take a stand against Vistar’s continued abuse and harassment of its employees. Women workers should not be treated like it’s the 1950s.