Honoring Those Who Bring Food to Our Holiday Tables


“From Our Hands to Your Table,” a social media campaign profiling 100 farm workers laboring in a variety of crops under union contracts, reminds Americans about who produces the food that graces their tables this holiday season. Farm workers—from California’s Central Valley, Central Coast and Wine Country to the dairies and vineyards of Oregon and Washington state—share images and videos as they describe the improved conditions and protections they enjoy as members of the United Farm Workers.

To view these worker profiles please go to: https://www.facebook.com/unitedfarmworkers/https://twitter.com/UFWupdates and https://www.instagram.com/ufwupdates/, or look for these hashtags #ThankAFarmWorker and #WeFeedYou.

UFW will be posting 2-3 new profiles a day throughout the November/December holiday season, so please keep coming back every day to read/share new stories in their honor.