The Fight to Protect Temporary Protected Status


This week, a coalition of labor, community, and immigrant rights groups held a press conference and caravan to the Brea office of GOP congressman Ed Royce as part of a national day of action aimed at pushing Congress to preserve Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and give its recipients a pathway to residency. TPS is the provisional legal protection from deportation granted to migrants unable to return to their home countries due to environmental disasters or social conflicts.

But the action at congressman Ed Royce’s office was interrupted by a man who rammed his car into the crowd.

As the Los Angeles Labor Movement, we are proud to join in the fight to save TPS, support all workers who are peacefully raising their voices for justice, and condemn anything or anyone that harms them in doing so.

Los Angeles is home to many of the 300,000 Central American TPS recipients currently living in the United States. They are our family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and union members, and they comprise an important part of the Los Angeles community and the strength of our economy.

Join the fight to save TPS today!